July 25th Update

Welcome back, we’ve got this blog up and running now, and we’ve had 2 good rainfalls on the mountain to cool things down and settle the ashes on the places that burned.  We have a list with over 50 volunteers who have signed up with us via email or our facebook wall but we have not yet gotten as far as naming crew leaders.  Those who want to get started should contact Brian Foley as there are some jobs such as raking out the firelines that can be done with less organization.

We plan to organize crews that will work on specific evenings after work or on weekends, plus have 2 to 4 Saturdays designated as “work party” days with food and beverages provided by the ski area.   Some work such as using the chipper to chop dead wood into mulch require a team of volunteers plus a ski area employee who drives the bulldozer pulling the chipper.   That requires a set day/time and commitment from the workers.  Other work, such as preparing the chairs taken off the old Spruce Lift cable to be painted before attaching them to the new cable, can be done by one or more people pretty much any time, so less planning is needed.

Some work, such as cleaning the lodge to re-open the Cafe and building water bars to prevent soil erosion, needs to be done as soon as possible.  Other work such as building the new wooden snow fences can’t be started until we have the materials and plans in place.   It will help us greatly, if you can be specific about how much work and what type(s) of work you can do, and when you are available to work, when you sign up with us.   We want to be as organized as possible, so that all volunteers feel their time was well spent, the work was not too difficult, and the right tools and supplies were available to work with.

Not all of the volunteer help we need is physical labor.  We also need people who can help organize, round up sources of materials, and other jobs that do not require physical labor or work during set hours.   We also need input and feedback from anyone and everyone, to help us continue to improve the mountain, and make volunteering fun enough that people want to come back for more.  It won’t be as fun as skiing, for sure, but the work should be enjoyable exercise and not a “grind”.


One comment

  1. Camp May road opened today. West Road through the canyon by the hockey rink, remains closed. National forest land is closed. The damage to the runs is not so bad, there probably will not be a lot of raking and seeding, more dealing with burned trees.

    The mountain staff will have their hands full, rebuilding the Spruce Lift (chair 1) and finishing the snowmaking installation. So the volunteers need to be self-organizing for the most part.

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