August 1st Update

Tuesday evening August 2nd we will have an special meeting of the ski club in the ski area lodge.  There will be snacks and drinks and social time from 6 PM to 6:30 followed by the meeting.   We will explain the current status of the ski area, and discuss the volunteer work to be done.  Comments and questions are welcome.

We had a productive weekend July 29-30 with 3 volunteers on Friday and 10 volunteers on Saturday using chainsaws to cut brush and logs so that others can now run them through the chipper, or stack them on the trails for chipping at a later date.  If you go to the Work List page here, there is a map at the bottom of the page showing the first work sites numbered in the order that we will tackle them.  The chainsaw crews have finished sites 1 through 3 now, plus Bob’s Bowl just east of the number 2 site, which is not numbered on the work map.

At the Tuesday, Aug 2nd meeting at the ski area lodge, we hope to identify some people who can lead work groups.   Some of the work can be done by very small groups of self-organizing people, while other jobs will require a coordinated effort.   We also will begin the schedule the work efforts at the Tuesday meeting.  We will post the results of that meeting here, later in the week.

Top of Porcupine

Top of Porcupine

Wildcat, below the jeep road that ends at the bottom of Bob’s Bowl, has a bulldozed fire line on it that needs repair work.  Three of 4 people with garden rakes, shovels and picks could repair it in a few hours work.

The brush on the west side of Bob’s Bowl may need to be brought down to the jeep road for chipping.  I think Bob’s Bowl is too steep to bring the chipper down the west edge of it.

West Bob's Bowl

Looking down west side of Bob's Bowl


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