August 3rd Update.

Mountain manager Tom Long talks about the hill's post-fire conditions to a packed house at Tuesday's general meeting

The special meeting at the ski area last night was well attended.  Thank you all for coming!  We now have an area at the top of Compromise that is ready for chipping, and Ron Nakaoka will lead a small group to feed the chipper on Saturday morning.  Contact Ron if you would like to help him.  Do not show up without prior contact with Ron.  Likewise, for chainsaw work please contact Butch Wood or Brian Foley.  For Bike trail work, contact Neal Pederson.  We will be ramping up the size of work parties slowly, so that we make sure the work is well organized and productive.  If you feel confident leading a small crew of workers, please let us know.  We need more crew leaders, and we can make sure you are given a crew and a job of the right size and type of work for your skills.

Contact information for crew leaders will be posted in the work list page (see tab at top right) where it will not move as new posts are added.


One comment

  1. Troy Matevia of Mountainair Cleaners 147 Central Park Sq, Los Alamos, (505) 662-5885 ‎ has volunteered to wash all the smoke from our ski patrol blankets. Thanks Troy!! That is a huge help!

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