August 9th Update

The weekend of August 6th was a huge success.  Thank you very much to all those who turned out to help!!  This week, Neal Pederson is continuing bike trail work, with crews working Monday and Wednesday evenings (Aug 8 and 10) and Saturday morning (Aug 6th).  Brian Foley and Butch Wood are leading the chainsaw crew Tuesday eveniong and Saturday morning, to take care of burned spots on the sides of West Beginner slope and the top of Lone Spruce.  Ron Nakaoka needs help with the wood chipping crew Saturday morning, Aug 13th.

As always,please contact the crew leader beforehand to let them know you are coming to help.

Chainsaw crew working July 30 2011

Chainsaw crew working July 30 2011

Last weekend the chipping crew finished cleaning up the top of Compromise and the chainsaw group finished felling and limbing dead trees on the West edge of Pussycat.  Many of the bike trails are coming back into shape, and new sections of bike trail were created to skirt some of the burned area on the west side of the mountain.

We are still looking for crew leaders for groups to do other types of work on the mountain.  Paul Allison is organizing a group to do lighter work, including hiking over the mountain with trail maps to mark the locations of fallen trees in the slopes or other work that should be done before snow comes.



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