Keep track of your hours please.

All volunteers should keep track of the hours they work this summer at the ski area.  here are a few reasons for this:

  1. We have a few “prizes” and hope to get more from other donors over the summer.  We will give a ticket for each 4 hours of work done on the mountain per person, and draw for prizes at the final work party.  Workers need not be present to win, we will have you put your contact information on the tickets.   Prizes will include complimentary day tickets to Taos (Thanks Taos!) .
  2. Los Alamos Natiuonal Lab has a Volunteer Match Program that benefits local or national nonprofit organizations.  Anyone who logs 100 hours or more for any combination of volunteer work (for example 50 hours on the ski area, 25 hours for a school and 25 hours for a church) earns $100 donated to the nonprofit organization of their choice.
  3. We want to keep track of volunteer hours to know how much our community  loves us and be able to document that to others.  Last year we had over 1,000 hours logged, and this year we hope to at least double that because of the extra work the fire caused, and the extra efforts we are making to pull new volunteers up to the mountain.

If you already worked some shifts this year, please report them to Brian Foley, who will be in charge of the ticket system for the prizes.  Logging hours with LANL VolunteerMatch is a separate issue, to be done through the volunteermatch system web site.  First time users of the system have to REGISTER HERE first.

It is highly likely that none of the organizations in town that you volunteer for are listed in the “find an organization” search on VolunteerMatch, so just enter the name of the organization manually.  If you have any troubles or questions contact Debbi Wersonick of the LANL VolunteerMatch program, or Brian Foley.


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