No Volunteer Work Saturday Aug 20th

There will be no volunteer work on the mountain on Saturday August 20th.  WeBe Racing is holding a hare scramble motorcycle race on the mountain, Saturday and Sunday.  Spectators are welcome, but need to check in a the lodge to find out where spectator sites are located.

Tuesday evening, Aug 16th the chainsaw crew will finish upper Lone Spruce and move on to the top of Aspen/Wildcat.  Susan Brockway and Paul Allison are leading crews for erasing a fire line on mid WildCat and making plans for other work.

Wednesday evening, Aug 17th Neal Pederson will be leading a crew for bike trail work.



  1. !*!*! I need a few strong dirt workers to help me repair a few sections of bike trails the motorcycle race decided to use !*!*!. If you can help me at 2pm today (Sunday 8/21) please contact me via, 662-1461 hm, or 660-1400 (cell). It’s critical we do this today before the mud drys. There is a large section at the bottom of Aspenola, a short section at the top of Aspenola, and a short section of Aspen for Trouble next to the holding pond (in picture) that need work. They didn’t use many of our trails but the sections they did use are quickly undoing some of the hard work we’ve recently done.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. Hope all you guys got involved and supported the motorcycle race. Hope it didn’t do much damage to the ground though.

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