Prizes for volunteers!

As we noted in the August 12th posting, please keep track of the hours you volunteer this summer and fall.  Each volunteer will get one “ticket” for each shift worked (roughly 4 hours), and we will put all the tickets in a box and draw for prizes at the Oct 1st Pit BBQ Work Party.  Need not be present to win, we will contact winners via phone or email listed on each ticket.

So far Taos Ski Area has donated 25 day ticket vouchers into the pool of prizes and we are rounding up other donations to add to the pool.



  1. The work crew leader (such as Brian Foley or Butch Wood for the chainsaw crew, or Ron Nakaoka for the chipping crew) should have a sheet of tickets at each work party so you can fill them out after working. If you did not fill out a ticket on the day you worked, e-mail the crew leader and ask them to fill out a ticket for you. If you have any questions about it, such as you don’t know who was leading your work crew, write to Brian Foley.

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