Yikes! Is it September already?!?!

Wow!  Where did our summer go to?  The fire was out by mid July and the road to the ski area opened soon afterward.  It took us a couple weeks to figure out what work needed to be done, and to allow the insurance adjusters to survey the damage before we really got started with repairing the damage.  The month of August was spent mainly on cleaning up some of the worst fire spots on the interior of the ski area.

We have had at least triple the number of volunteer hours put in this summer, compared to recent years, despite no work in July.  But there is a LOT of work still in need of volunteer labor before snow flies.  Yes, we can and will open even if only the usual crew of workers finishes out the fall season.  But if we get more help we can build some really great snow fences, paint the new chairs for the Spruce lift, repair some boards on the deck, and do lots of other things to keep Pajarito Mountain thriving.  Our goal is not just to survive, but to thrive and continue to be a shining example of what a not for profit ski area can do for a community.  We are not just a ski area, we are also a park for hiking and biking, a venue for some music and events, a good neighbor to Camp May and the Valles Caldera Park, and much more.

August was great, and if we make September just as good or a little bit better we will be looking awesome before snow flies.  Not all of our August volunteers can make every work party in September too, so we are always in need of a few new faces.  Please join us in rebuilding this fabulous mountain.


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