Saturday October 1st Annual Pit BBQ Work Party.

This Tuesday evening we will make our last push to get jobs lined up for the annual Pit BBQ Work Party.

October 1st Annual Work Party

Meet at 9am at the Lodge to organize crews: For those who can’t make it at 9am check in at the office to determine where the crews are on the mountain. Unsupervised children’s activities will be available around the base area.

PAINTING – low impact activities (base area)

  • Paint tables on lodge deck – Blue
  • Stairs to the LoneSpruce chair – Brown
  • Ticket office fascia
  • Possibly railings at ski school

CLEANING– low impact activities (base area)

  • Clean up brush around the lodge, ski patrol and snow school buildings
  • Clean windows and lockers rooms

CARPENTRY – low impact activities (base area)

  • Men’s bathroom in lodge, counter, sinks, etc.
  • Replace base boards on lodge deck

LOPPING – hiking involved

  • Mals Run
  • Compromise
  • Wild Cat
  • Mushroom

CHIPPING – Dirty, messy, hard work

  • Lone Spruce
  • Breathless

CHAIN SAW and STACK – skilled labor only


Work clothes (clothes that can get dirty or get paint on them), water, work gloves, loppers if you have them).IF YOU HAVE: Sanders, Drills and bits, Jig Saw, Chop Saw, Crowbar, Extension cords or saw horses PLEASE BRING THEM

PIT BBQ, beer, water and sodas will be served around 4pm

Work party flier


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