We are ready to begin the summer 2012 work!

Dear Volunteers,

We are ready to begin work for the summer of 2012.  The chainsaw crew will begin working Tuesday evenings beginning May 8th.  Meet at 5 PM at the maintenance building near the bottom of Lone Spruce Lift (Chair #1).  Contact information for crew leaders and other is at: https://buildpajarito.wordpress.com/work-list/    (or click the Work List tab above)

The brush cutting crews will also be meeting on Tuesdays to begin.

We will begin working on the far west edge of the ski area.  Our first job will be to take care of leaning trees or any other safety issues, then begin work on taking care of trees killed in the fire.  We will do some more log snow fencing in Upper Rim Run and a few other places.



  1. Great, I’m actually going to start chainsawing logs off the bike trails and raking debris from the winter Wednesday night (5/2) if anyone’s interested in helping out. We’ll meet in the parking lot below the lodge at 5:30pm and drive up but make sure you contact me first if you want to help (662-1461, np@vicontrols.com). Bike trails are actually looking really good but need their normal De-winterizing work.

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