Bike Trail Work Party Tonight, Sept. 5th and Upcoming Tree Planting Work

The cross country bike trails crew will continue work this Wednesday evening, meeting in the parking lot below the Spruce Lift (near the cat shack) at 5:00 If you show up late, just start walking east up lower Aspenola until you find the crew. The plan is to continue working on rehabilitation of our eastern XC trail, Aspenola. We hope to work the entire length of Aspenola this season. Craig Martin, Bart Daly, or Frank Reeves should be on hand to coordinate the work. Bring your shovels, hoes, rakes, gloves, and water. This crew is in addition to Neal Pederson’s crew working on the downhill/free ride trails.

Also, there’ll be a Pajarito Mountain Tree Planting Day on Saturday, September 15th. The Pajarito Environmental Education Center and REI are sponsoring a work party starting at 9:00 am, with a barbecue at 4 pm. Come on up and help them get our future glade runs in shape!


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  1. The more people we have for tree planting, the more tender care we can give each seedling. It’s pretty rocky up there, so we want to find good soft soil for each seedling. Please come join us for this event!

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