Nearly 2,000 tree seedlings planted!

John Hogan organized a tree planting in the burned areas of the ski area.  He got a grant from REI and help from the Pajarito Environmental Education Center to organize this event.  We had a great turnout, with more than 100 volunteers showing up, unexpected considering everything else that was going on (school sports, Next Big Idea Festival) . Volunteers planted just over 1,900 Englemann spruce, Douglas fir, corkbark fir, and a few limber pine. Based on plantings following other fires, 33% survival is probably realistic.  We watered most of them on Saturday with firefighter backpack pumps.  John Hogan watered them again for about 3-4 hrs. Monday.  The 325 gallon water tank on the ski area tank truck is now parked at the top of Chair 2 (Big Mother lift).  Two of the pump packs are also no the back of the truck; The remaining two pumps are behind the sheds at the base of Chair 1. A few of the planters inquired about watering, so John Hogan will try to organize some watering parties.


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