Volunteer hours serve double duty

Dear ski area volunteers,

LANL has a program for employees and retirees, where they donate $1 for every hour that people work on volunteer activities for non-profit and/or educational organizations.  If you sign up and register your hours at:



LANL will make a donation at the end of the year to the organization(s) you choose.
For example you can work at the ski area but ask that your donation go to the boyscouts or the ski patrol or some other organization.

It is a bit of a trouble to get going with the program, signing up and all.  But it allows you to make a repeating thins with an “I do this regularly” button.  For example, I set it up to log me for 4 hours every Tuesday night for a couple of months in the summer.

If you have any questions about this system, write to me, or to Deb Wersonic
Debbi Wersonick <sonic@lanl.gov> she is the LANL Volunteer effort coordinatior (not for the ski area, for all LANL volunteers).

And thanks again for all your efforts on the ski area!!!

Brian Foley


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