The LASC Board of Directors met recently with representatives from  Los Alamos County and Sipapu Ski Area to discuss a new joint model for the management and growth of skiing at Pajarito Mountain. These discussions are in their early stages but, if the model appears favorable to the LASC Board and is approved by the LASC Membership and the County, would involve the majority of the LASC land being transferred to the County, who would then enter into a long-term lease with Sipapu to manage and operate the ski area, with a much smaller parcel of land around the base area being transferred directly to Sipapu. This model would closely match many others in the ski industry where the bulk of the skiable acreage is often leased from the US Forest Service, with a small private parcel covering the base area facilities.

As with the previous transfer options, codicils and other contractual arrangements would be enacted to ensure that the land continued to be used as an active recreational and ski area, and that the public has  unfettered recreational access. Many details need to be refined, but at this time it is the option preferred by the LASC Board of Directors, Los Alamos County and Sipapu Ski Area.


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