2015 Chainsaw Crew Work

Summer Volunteer work 2015 has begun.
The 2015 Summer Chainsaw crew work has begun. We will have crews working on Tuesday evenings this spring until it gets too dry for fire danger. We meet at the maintenance building at the base of Spruce Chair at 4:50 PM and head up the mountain by 5:15 PM. Our first work site is in between the top of the Townsight Quad chair and the top of Spruce Chair. Contact Brian Foley btf{at]lanl.gov if you would like to join our crew.
Work site
April 16, 2015. Neal Pederson and helpers have not yet ridden most of the bike trails so this map below is listing sites where we cut trees last year. I will post a new map soon, of the trees that need to be taken care of before Summerfest for sure, starting with trails that will be used for the Jemez Mountain Trail Runs on May 23. Contact Brian Foley or Neal Pederson if you can help, or if you find other sites that need work which are not mapped here.


Contacts on the ski area are:
Tom Long’s Cell phone is 412-2563 and his email is gm@skipajarito.com
Marcy Parten is in the office 662-5725 email ski@skipajarito.com
Mike Green’s Cell phone is 690-1668
Brian Foley’s Cell phone is 948-6863 email btf@lanl.gov
Butch Wood’s cell phone is 412-1419 email igorwood@aol.com
Neal Pederson Cell phone is 660-1400 email np@vicontrols.com

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