Weekend Work

2015 Chainsaw Crew Work

Summer Volunteer work 2015 has begun.
The 2015 Summer Chainsaw crew work has begun. We will have crews working on Tuesday evenings this spring until it gets too dry for fire danger. We meet at the maintenance building at the base of Spruce Chair at 4:50 PM and head up the mountain by 5:15 PM. Our first work site is in between the top of the Townsight Quad chair and the top of Spruce Chair. Contact Brian Foley btf{at]lanl.gov if you would like to join our crew.
Work site
April 16, 2015. Neal Pederson and helpers have not yet ridden most of the bike trails so this map below is listing sites where we cut trees last year. I will post a new map soon, of the trees that need to be taken care of before Summerfest for sure, starting with trails that will be used for the Jemez Mountain Trail Runs on May 23. Contact Brian Foley or Neal Pederson if you can help, or if you find other sites that need work which are not mapped here.


Contacts on the ski area are:
Tom Long’s Cell phone is 412-2563 and his email is gm@skipajarito.com
Marcy Parten is in the office 662-5725 email ski@skipajarito.com
Mike Green’s Cell phone is 690-1668
Brian Foley’s Cell phone is 948-6863 email btf@lanl.gov
Butch Wood’s cell phone is 412-1419 email igorwood@aol.com
Neal Pederson Cell phone is 660-1400 email np@vicontrols.com


Bike Trail Work Party Tonight, Sept. 5th and Upcoming Tree Planting Work

The cross country bike trails crew will continue work this Wednesday evening, meeting in the parking lot below the Spruce Lift (near the cat shack) at 5:00 If you show up late, just start walking east up lower Aspenola until you find the crew. The plan is to continue working on rehabilitation of our eastern XC trail, Aspenola. We hope to work the entire length of Aspenola this season. Craig Martin, Bart Daly, or Frank Reeves should be on hand to coordinate the work. Bring your shovels, hoes, rakes, gloves, and water. This crew is in addition to Neal Pederson’s crew working on the downhill/free ride trails.

Also, there’ll be a Pajarito Mountain Tree Planting Day on Saturday, September 15th. The Pajarito Environmental Education Center and REI are sponsoring a work party starting at 9:00 am, with a barbecue at 4 pm. Come on up and help them get our future glade runs in shape!

Saturday October 1st Annual Pit BBQ Work Party.

This Tuesday evening we will make our last push to get jobs lined up for the annual Pit BBQ Work Party.

October 1st Annual Work Party

Meet at 9am at the Lodge to organize crews: For those who can’t make it at 9am check in at the office to determine where the crews are on the mountain. Unsupervised children’s activities will be available around the base area.

PAINTING – low impact activities (base area)

  • Paint tables on lodge deck – Blue
  • Stairs to the LoneSpruce chair – Brown
  • Ticket office fascia
  • Possibly railings at ski school

CLEANING– low impact activities (base area)

  • Clean up brush around the lodge, ski patrol and snow school buildings
  • Clean windows and lockers rooms

CARPENTRY – low impact activities (base area)

  • Men’s bathroom in lodge, counter, sinks, etc.
  • Replace base boards on lodge deck

LOPPING – hiking involved

  • Mals Run
  • Compromise
  • Wild Cat
  • Mushroom

CHIPPING – Dirty, messy, hard work

  • Lone Spruce
  • Breathless

CHAIN SAW and STACK – skilled labor only


Work clothes (clothes that can get dirty or get paint on them), water, work gloves, loppers if you have them).IF YOU HAVE: Sanders, Drills and bits, Jig Saw, Chop Saw, Crowbar, Extension cords or saw horses PLEASE BRING THEM

PIT BBQ, beer, water and sodas will be served around 4pm

Work party flier

Bike Trail Work for Wendesday, 5/30/2012, 5:30pm

We’re doing more Pajarito bike trail work Wednesday night (5/30). We plan to do some dirt work and raking on the section of Aspen for Trouble that goes between the West Road and Half Aspen which will bring back the easier (less uphill) connector to Half Aspen.

We’ll meet in the parking lot below the lodge at 5:30pm and drive up but make sure you contact me if you’d like to help out in case any plans change (662-1461, np@vicontrols.com).

No Volunteer Work Saturday Aug 20th

There will be no volunteer work on the mountain on Saturday August 20th.  WeBe Racing is holding a hare scramble motorcycle race on the mountain, Saturday and Sunday.  Spectators are welcome, but need to check in a the lodge to find out where spectator sites are located.

Tuesday evening, Aug 16th the chainsaw crew will finish upper Lone Spruce and move on to the top of Aspen/Wildcat.  Susan Brockway and Paul Allison are leading crews for erasing a fire line on mid WildCat and making plans for other work.

Wednesday evening, Aug 17th Neal Pederson will be leading a crew for bike trail work.

Work Summary

Here is the basic schedule of work we will be doing every week from now until October.

For jobs not listed here, contact Brian Foley.

Contacts on the ski area are:
Tom Long’s Cell phone is 412-2563 and his email is gm@skipajarito.com
Clay Peres is in the office 662-5725 email clay@skipajarito.com
Mike Green’s Cell phone is 690-1668
Brian Foley’s Cell phone is 948-6863 email btf@lanl.gov
Butch Wood’s cell phone is 412-1419 email igorwood@aol.com
Neal Pederson Cell phone is 660-1400 email np@vicontrols.com

Day/Time Task/Crew Contact
Monday 5 – 8 PM Bike Trails Neal Pederson np@vicontrols.com
Tuesday 5 -8 PM Chainsaw crew Brian Foley  btf@lanl.gov
Wednesday 5 – 8 PM Bike Trails Neal Pederson np@vicontrols.com
Friday A schedule mornings Chainsaw crew Brian Foley  btf@lanl.gov
Saturday 8 AM to noon Bike TrailsChainsaw crew

Chipping Crew

Neal Pederson np@vicontrols.com    Brian Foley btf@lanl.gov            Ron Nakaoka rkn@lanl.gov

August 9th Update

The weekend of August 6th was a huge success.  Thank you very much to all those who turned out to help!!  This week, Neal Pederson is continuing bike trail work, with crews working Monday and Wednesday evenings (Aug 8 and 10) and Saturday morning (Aug 6th).  Brian Foley and Butch Wood are leading the chainsaw crew Tuesday eveniong and Saturday morning, to take care of burned spots on the sides of West Beginner slope and the top of Lone Spruce.  Ron Nakaoka needs help with the wood chipping crew Saturday morning, Aug 13th.

As always,please contact the crew leader beforehand to let them know you are coming to help. (more…)

August 3rd Update.

Mountain manager Tom Long talks about the hill's post-fire conditions to a packed house at Tuesday's general meeting

The special meeting at the ski area last night was well attended.  Thank you all for coming!  We now have an area at the top of Compromise that is ready for chipping, and Ron Nakaoka will lead a small group to feed the chipper on Saturday morning.  Contact Ron if you would like to help him.  Do not show up without prior contact with Ron.  Likewise, for chainsaw work please contact Butch Wood or Brian Foley.  For Bike trail work, contact Neal Pederson.  We will be ramping up the size of work parties slowly, so that we make sure the work is well organized and productive.  If you feel confident leading a small crew of workers, please let us know.  We need more crew leaders, and we can make sure you are given a crew and a job of the right size and type of work for your skills.