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Bike Trails (9/12/2011 Update)

!*!*! Could everyone who worked on bike trails with me e-mail the approximate dates and hours worked to ASAP?!*!*!  Your name will go into a drawing for a bunch of prizes for volunteers.  The more you worked the better your chances!  I tried to keep track of hours but it was difficult the first few weeks when we had some large turnouts.

Recent news:

9/21/2011: Solo work session.  Fixed up the Battle Stations road gap jump, the drop into Muy Loco, and the jump by the holding pond.  I also put several new signs up on the new Cub Scout trail.

9/14/2011: Aaron cut the trees off the new Cub Scout trail and finished up Rich’s new log ride.  Myself, Ben, and Kristin fixed up the open section of Aspenola near Dog Patch, created a new Berm on lower Dogpatch where it briefly goes into the run, fixed up the jumps on lower Dogpatch, and removed a lot of the roots that came up where the motorcycles came through lower Dogpatch.

9/7/2011: Rich added another log between Mother’s Milk and Triple Threat.  We raked all the loose rocks out of upper Mother’s Milk.

Aug 27/28: First day of lift served biking and the trails were great!  Next day will be Ulr Fest and possibly one more after that.

8/22/2011: We posted 23 new signs with maps all over the mountain.  I made them by laminating 8.5×11 laser printouts.  They’re not big but have maps saying “you are here” on them which will make it a lot easier to figure out where you are.  We also fixed up the upper sections of bike trails that the MX race used.  As long as they dry out this week they should be in great shape by the weekend.

8/21/2011: With permission from the race officials, we had five people do a repair to the lower section of where the MX race used Aspenola to prevent severe damage from the ruts.  We got a lot done and then watched the water-outs in affect as a torrential downpour hit us hard.  I was told the race officials would be on the mountain through Tuesday fixing up the affects of the course and I’ve got my fingers crossed.

8/15/2011: We were able to buff up sections of Muy Loco, Battle Stations, and upper Race Course.  On Wednesday (8/17) we chain sawed out all of the down trees on the Lower Aspenola XC trail.  This trail is going to need a lot of Locust bush removal and some dirt work to become very ridable.  Rich Strang has made ton of changes to Mother’s Milk.  It now has several new log rides to replace the ones that burned along with several jumps and a 7′ wooden drop.

We’ll keep working on them but the bike trails are ready to open for lift days!

If you want to help please e-mail me at to let me know you are coming. My phone numbers are 662-1461 (home office) and 660-1400 (cell while at the mountain).

Thanks! – Neal Pederson